Update: r.Podcaster user “thelinesbegintoblur” aka Jon, newsguy from the old Mark and Darrell Show guessed correctly first.  Tune into the next podcast for details.

I did another podcast today.  I just looked at my RSS feed, and apparently there’s an error in the way it’s generating the description tag.  Oops.  Let me fix that real quick.

There we go.  Fixed.  I had made a change last Friday to ensure that the XML would be compatible with the new Podcast editor I’m building.  The new editor should allow you to edit your ID3 tags and XML tags after the files have been posted.

Nobody guessed the last “Mystery Song” (which was from the Scion xB commercial), so I’ve upped the stakes and put a different song in the hotseat.

There’s some other big news that is coming down the line, but I’m going to hold off a bit before I say anything specific, and announce it when I know for sure that it’s going to happen.


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