Alrighty users – I’ve got an idea, so listen up.

How would you like a comments system for your podcast?  I was realizing that I’ve almost got the r.podcaster system to the point where I can start making major upgrades to it again – it’s mostly stable.  I know all of you are clamoring for listener stats, and I know that’s important, but what would you say if I wanted to add a comment system for you? 

Here’s how I propose it would work:

Much the same as a regular podcast, listeners could post their audio comments to you via either a listener line, email address, or an http upload. From there, two options would be available to you, the podcaster:

A) You could log in, and view a moderation menu, and from there listen to and approve comments to be added to the last podcast posted, or

B) Have all comments unmoderated, and they all by default get added to the last posted podcast at the end (with a possible sounder file that announces that these are user comments, and not part of the original podcast).

What do you think?  Worth it?


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