Right off the bat, I’d like to apologise for the delay in podcasting.  I’ve been messing with the upload and email kernels last night and this morning, and so as not to kill anyone’s podcast, I put the queue on hold.  Having said that: I’m upgrading the kernel today for r.Podcaster, which will chiefly accomplish two things (amongst many other):

1) Get rid of that annoying machine gun effect on the rizzn.net sound.
2) Open up the kernel to allow for the comments add on and the server-side pre-production.

Additionally, there have been some security updates on rizzn.net.  Apparently, there was a glaring hole that I won’t even detail that allowed anyone to come in and look at the customer database.  It’s now gone (thanks to Paul Wright for graciously pointing that out – by the way, Paul, your domain rejects my domain as a spam host.  I don’t spam (although the last person to own this IP address did)).

In other news, we’ve signed a partnership deal with a major player in the telecom business, which means we’ve got subsidization for r.Podcaster. I think I may have mentioned r.Podcaster getting purchased previously, but we’ve got a lot of new users, so let me explain what this means to everyone that’s a current and future r.Podcaster user.

First of all, r.Podcaster is now, always was, and will always continue to be your really simple, free podcasting solution. We will not charge to use r.Podcaster – ever.

Second of all, we are committed to keeping it as free of advertisement as possible. I am a partner in the new company that owns r.Podcaster, and I have voting rights. As a result there will not be evil things done in the name of r.Podcaster.

I’m not going to reveal my whole plan for r.Podcaster, but I will say that if commercials in your podcast become an option, it will always remain that – an option.  I will not force that down anyones throat simply because I understand the need to keep certain types of podcasts commercial free and not bound to any one supporter in the interests of remaining above reproach for the purposes of being bias free.  More on this later – there are some ideas I’ll talk about in my podcast and here on the blog to explore the concepts I’m pondering, but to mention them now would be way premature.

If I’m not going to force commercials down your throat and if I’m not going to charge you, how is this new company going to make money? In a word: VoIP.  We have partnered with a very big name in the business to provide our equipment, and we will be rolling out and launching our new site and service on April 16th. What we’ve done is really created a concept for an incredible company to work for.  Every partner in the consortium has two job functions within the company – first you must be in charge of a profitable division, be it a product or service, and second you must be in charge of a content division who’s primary focus is not making money.  For instance, I am in charge of business development and podcasting/audio.  Ricky (you old M&Ders remember Ricky) is in charge of marketing strategy and photography.

Essentially, we are using tried and true business models to support an ideal we think will change the way the world thinks about the media.

Keep your eyes open.. it’s going to be big – and you guys are going to be the bigger part of it.


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