Saturday Update: It’s posted now.  Here it is.

Here’s a quick update to tell you that there’s going to be a bigger update by way of podcasts this evening.

This post will serve as show notes (which I never rarely do):

1) Discussion spurred by Cruzette about mean people and the purpose of school.
2) Some new podcasts on r.Podcaster I think are cool.
3) the Men Fix, Women Clean story
4) R.Podcaster News
 a) kernel 2.0 rollout
 b) acquisition of VoIP
 c) software partnership
5) Walks on the Beach
6) Adam Curry is an unoriginal assclown
7) Jon wins the mystery song contest
8) Winner of the 1000th podcast will be announced
9) New Mystery Song (?)

Probably some other stuff too.



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