Well, I’m just taking a break in the day to give you a quick wrap-up of the evening last night. As you know from the podcasts, pictures, and blog posts, I attended the launch of 2005 Fashion Week down in South Beach.  I took a bunch of photos with my cameraphone, and they turned out quite crappily, as you can see if you scroll down and look to the left.

However, I was with Ricky McGill, celebrity photographer extraordinaire, and he has granted me a few photos from the shoot to put on the site.

As far as the people, there were a few interesting people I had the pleasure to chat with, and a few celebrities from the fashion world that I really didn’t know.

I think I’m going to read up on fashion stuff or something this afternoon so I can maybe do a couple interviews or at least pitch podcasting.

I ran into a couple people that were interested in hearing about podcasting, two who knew what I was talking about, and one who actually has heard of r.Podcaster.  It made me feel important!

I know you aren’t interested in any of this stuff, you just want the pictures of the hottness – here they are without further ado:


I’m going probably head back out a couple more times this week.  I deserve some relaxation, and the drinks are free!

Next week: look for some podcasts from me on how to get into social functions like this without being an official member of the major media.



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