I need some assistance from the Rizzn-adoring public.

Y’see, I’ve got a problem with my maintenence men here at my house.  They think it’s funny to come wake me up to tell me to move my car at 9:00 AM, and when I say I’ll move it at 11:00 AM when I leave, come by every five minutes and knock on my door and run the leaf blower under my window.

Seriously.  I’m thinking homocide here.

Wake me up out of a dead slumber to tell me to move my car five feet, and then get pissy about it for the next three hours… you’ll be dealing with an unhappy Rizzn.

I need help.  I rent this place.  Is there some sort of landlord-tenant law I can use to my advantage to prevent this from happening in the future? I vaguely remember one from a similar run-in about 4 years ago, but that was back in Texas – I’m not sure if it applies here in Florida.

As you can see, I value my beauty rest.


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