r.Podcaster handled it’s traffic spike quite well, actually!  Over the last 24 hour reporting period, my stats indicated that we transferred in excess of 40 gigabytes of traffic!

Rizzn.net is still running a tad slow, and you may experience timeouts with HTTP upload, but that will likely go away over the next couple days.  Due to my impeccable mathematics (shutup, Smokehouse!), I set the bandwidth limitations on the exact curve of alleviating slowdowns and not popping our bw contract.

However, our little test did tell me that I’m going to need to increase our capacity soon.  We currently are capped off at 1.2 terrabytes per month of traffic.  On average we use about 6 to 7 gigabytes of traffic per day.  In the event we get slashdotted, or a particular user gets slashdotted (or publicity equivelent), we’ll run out of bandwidth in one to two weeks.

Hence we need to think about implementing bittorrent feeds or simply pay for more bandwidth.  Fortunately, I have an inside connection at thePlanet, and I might be able to swing that, so that bittorrents won’t become a necessity to consider for a month or two.

SlashDot Review uses bittorrents for it’s distribution method.  Those of you who are subscribed to bittorented feeds, please give me some feedback here on the board so I can consider my options.


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