This is a very important update, so listen up. We’ve grown far beyond what I had envisioned as far as a user base over at r.Podcaster… In under four months of operation, we have in excess of 7000 subscribers to various r.podcaster users, and over 500 users! We are the no longer the invisible elite here at

Unfortunately this also means we are close to busting our bandwidth ceiling! Ever since we did our bandwidth test, our listener count has gone dramatically up, and we are transferring close to 30 gigabytes of traffic per day! As a result, we are going to try some ways to reduce the demand on our server by joining the CORAL CDN. I’ve read the documentation and consulted with other CDN users, so I think the change should be seamless.

Here’s where I need you guys: there’s a chance that we may be delivering too much content to be a part of the network. In that case, failed requests should default back to the site when we pop the CDN’s bandwidth. If the CDN malfunctions, it will give 403 errors when trying to download podcasts. I need you guys to be my early warning system and let me know if that happens (if it does, I can switch us back and we’ll be up and running instantaneously).

Thanks for your help guys.


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