..brought to you by the company I work for, AACS.

To all of our clients and affiliates, 

First off, we would like to apologise if you’ve recieved multiple copies of this letter, as we’ve sent it out uniformly to three seperate databases of contacts, and several of you are in multiple databases.  If you’ve already recieved a copy of this letter, please disregard this one.  

We as a company have listened to your concerns, and based on those concerns we are now in midst of some improvements at AACS. All of the changes will enable us to deliver a better service and product to you and help prevent errors or delays on servicing you, our clients. 

We will list the changes as follows; 

  • Our address, phone numbers, website, fax numbers will NOT change.
  • As part of a new management team structure, Jason Friedman will no longer be part of AACS or any business that will be affiliated with us in any shape form or fashion.
  • Soon we will be offering free (to existing clients via our websites) educational materials and products that will help you control your credit lives and help prevent losing control again.

This will not affect your file. We will continue to work your file. In fact we will now be equiped to work your file more efficiently. Based on your comments, we believe that most of you will be in agreement with these changes. We hope this explains the changes and of course we will accept your calls to answer any concerns, comments or questions you may have; please call or write us at:

Tel: 954-786-8586
Tel: 866-900-9552
Fax: 954-977-9388
717 E. Atlantic Blvd.
Pompano Beach, FL. 33060 

As always we will continue to protect your information and files, that are still in our offices located at 717 E. Atlantic Blvd. Pompano Beach, FL. 33060  We own the database, the computers, the support systems, the process, the printers and even the desks that we have used (and will continue to use) while we process your files.


Additionally you may or may not have received an email from Mr. Friedman requesting you contact him directly, at his home, where he is offering his services under a new company named “Friedman & Friedman Assoc.” Of course, you should make that choice based on your own best interest. You may do as you please; the choice is clearly yours.

If you choose to use Mr. Friedman, we must inform you of the following;

  • We will conceder that as if you’re closing of your file with us.
  • We will no longer be responsible for your file.
  • Jason Freidman is NOT an attorney.

Clearly, it should be said; that if you’re a current client with us, we will work your file as agreed. No one outside of our company has access to your files under any circumstances. If you’re told as much, please contact us and we will address that misrepresentation directly. Once again please contact us if you have any questions.



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