I’m working on some ads and signup forms for the Blip and AACS marketing campaigns we’re planning and watching HBO’s Entourage marathon.

I gotta say, I didn’t catch it the first season except for a couple episodes – now that I’ve seen them all in continuity, I’m a much bigger fan.  Maybe it’s how the show’s engineered, but it’s an everyman’s dream of what would happen when one gets rich and famous.

Of course, in reality, it never works like that. Even though when you are a youngster, and you have a bunch of “professional dreamer” friends smoking dope together (or whatever your activity of choice is; for me it was playing D&D in the lunch room with the rest of the outcasts), and you fantasize together about getting big and rich and important, and one guy’s going to be your right hand man, and the others will be your entourage and boy how will it be great.

But it doesn’t always work out like that. You can’t always bring people up with you.  Some are more than willing to put the work in to help you achieve greatness together.  Most are willing to simply ride the coattails. 

I’m lucky to have friends who are willing to put in the hours, but not everyone in the group are the ones I started the journey with.

I guess my point is this: to the ambitious ones, you must pick and choose your traveling companions on the road to your goal. Otherwise, you end up like MC Hammer barely eeking out a living making Trinity Broadcasting Network appearances for food money.


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