I’ve always been a fan of onomatopoeia. I’m not certain the headline exactly counts as that, but close enough. By the way, do you know where the term onomatopoeia originates? I’ve always been under the impression it had something to do with Edgar Allen Poe, but various internet resources tell me it’s Greek in origin.

I’ve created a little TV ad parodying those pseudo-hip Vonage commercials (that are really ripoffs of earlier Geico commercials). You’ll find the links to them at the end of this article. At any rate, I’m just here this week telling you of our updates and our planned updates to the system. It seems you are all taking to the new BlipMedia stuff like fish to water. Very soon, you’ll have a whole new set of features to the site.  Let me outline what’s in the rollout for this week (effective Friday).

1) Profile picture uploads – one of the first steps towards my handoff of editorial control (I’ll explain that in a minute). Of all the questions I get, the number one is “When will I get to upload my picture to my profile page?”  The answer, of course, is when I’m done programming that piece.  It should be today, but I can’t make that promise, as I have to roll out about three projects today, so I’m going to say “by Friday.” 

2) Editorial Control – I’m currently vetting a few different editors to see which one is going to get the senior editor slot, but all of this is contingent on me getting the content manager bug-free.  Very soon, though, look for a new senior editor.

3) Directories – Yes, that’s right, YADA (yet another directory application).  We shall soon have directories for profiles, blogs, and podcasts.

4) Rest – Oh wait, I don’t have any of that scheduled for this week.

5) VoIP Signups – This one I’m shaky as to whether it’s going to roll out this week or next.  It should be this week, though.

I didn’t have time this week for featured podcasters, because I have to solicit each person for a photograph to go above their feature slot while the picture upload component remains undone, so for now, I’m going to have to cop to lazyness or something this week.  Sorry.  Fire me and get a new Senior Editor (oh wait.).

Additionally, I want to give shout outs to users DonJim, TipMonkies, and NDmovies for hooking us up with some good content to provide this week.  This is going to be the deal from here on in, hopefully… we’re featuring the work of you guys.  You are the media, we’re simply displaying it magazine style because we believe we’re hosting a lot of the best of the best.  So keep up the good work, y’all.

And now, those links I promised you.  I did a few of these, but I’m only going to post one this week so as to keep you in suspense and stuff.