As many of you know, I work for a company named AACS.  We recently re-organised as a company to get out of some liability issues created by a former CEO of the company, and consequently, we had to come up with different words to go with the acronym.

Previously, our name had been A Affordable Credit Services. This had always bothered me. First of all, the name was created by Jason Friedman so that he’d have first listing in the yellow pages (as if there was this great namespace landgrab going on in the yellow pages under ‘credit repair’ in the first place).  Secondly, it is completely incorrect, grammatically. 

I can understand An Affordable Credit Service. I can understand The Affordable Credit Services.  I could even understand simply Affordable Credit Service(s).  But the name’s grammar wasn’t the only thing that bothered me.  I feel the name is rather tacky.  Any time you have to mention your price in the name (Costco, Everything’s a $, Cheaptickets), to me it creates a tacky brand.

Fortunately, there was a decent product behind the name, and for that reason, I stuck around.

Over the next two years or so that I worked there, Jason Friedman (CEO), became the bane of my existence. As it turns out, he has stolen in excess of $30,000 from the company.  I know, because I recently finished an extensive audit of the company.  In addition to the $30,000 he personally pocketed over what his agreed upon salary was supposed to be, he mismanaged funds in excess of another $15,000 or so (in poor purchase decisions).  To top it all off, his inaction and idiotic management of company assets opened up the company to over $15,000 – $20,000 of additional liability in the form of lawsuits, tax evasion suits, and former employee payment disputes.

On a personal note, he is responsible for one of my friends nearly becoming forclosed upon, and another friend losing his home and going to prison.  Needless to say, there is no love lost between Jason Friedman and I.

Despite all this, I’ve kept my mouth shut on my blog because I simply didn’t want to think about the disgusting pig of a man, Jason Friedman.  Unfortunately, he won’t let it die, and continues to this very day trying to steal clients of the new company AACS (which now stands for American Association for Consumer Services – grammatically correct and not tacky, mind you).

Think I’m being a bit harsh?  In addition to stealing from the company, the fat pig also propositioned me to watch him, his wife, and a mutual (male) friend have sex.  He also owes me $2800 in back pay and unpaid Soc. Sec. taxes.  The day I joined the company, he was the only company principal sleeping off an all-Monday-night booze and stripper bender on the company couch.

I could go on and on about how he defrauded customers by cashing checks in his wife’s name instead of putting them in the company coffers.  I can talk for days about how he’s a jerk for dropping the ball and then passing the buck. But I won’t.  I’ll save that for another time.

If you want to send him your hate mail, will do nicely.

You can also send Snail Mail to Jason here:
7350 NW 38 Pl
Coral Springs Fl, 33065

(He doesn’t own the house at this address, by the way.  He’s only squatting).

If you’d prefer to call him a jerk in your own voice, call this number: (954) 461-5241.

I’m only a provider of information.  I take no responsibility for your actions.


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