Just a reminder – Remember, I’m headed out to Paris’s club opening July 4, supposedly.  Going to have a handful of CDs to give out, and there’s a few open slots left on the CDs for your music (assuming you make music).

Send your submissions to mark@blipmedia.org.

I had an email catastrophe last week, so if you wrote me about anything and I didn’t respond, that means I didn’t get it.  Please write me back/again so I make sure I didn’t lose your enquiry.

Speaking of which, not a day goes by that I don’t get an email something along these lines:

From: Random Rizzn.com Reader
To: Mark Hopkins

Dude!  I’m your biggest fan/oldest friend/your mom.  You’ve got to get me a pass to get into the Paris Hilton party.

Dude I SOO want to bone her/kick her ass becuz she’z prettiar than me/have sex with her/have her give me money.

Hook me up?


Your friend, a random rizzn.com reader.

So let me just say here for everyone’s sake – yes, I love each and every one of you, but I cannot take you all physically.  AS a result, I’ll hafta just take pictures, video, and audio of the event and post it here.  Sorry.


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