I just finished the Solo Campaign on Lord Of The Rings: Battle for Middle Earth.  I kicked Sauron’s ass all up and down Mordor. I have two things to say having just spent a good 24 hours sweeping through the game.  One: the gameplay kicks much butt, and is a hoot to play.  Two: the ending graphic is dissappointing as heck.

LotR:BfME is a WoW style strategy game.  The graphics are incredible, and it has one major thing that WoW doesn’t have: LotR.  The battles are always so epic, and of course its immersed in such a rich storyline, it makes it that much more fun to play. My favorite thing to do is take my immense cavalry of Rohan and run them across a brook or stream – watching the water spray under their hooves is just magic.

This is the first strategy game with this level of good graphics, so you’ll hafta excuse my oohing and ahhing for a bit.

Unfortunately, they completely skimped out on the ending.  The only battle that took me more than a couple tries to win was the battle of Black Gate (the final battle).  They literally throw everything behind the black gates of Mordor at you and you’re constantly playing catch up if you misstep just once. On the downside, after all the Oliphants, Mountain Trolls, Hadarim, Orikai and Dragon Thingies (the name escapes me now) are dead, all you get is a 13 second animation of Frodo tossing the ring in.  No dialog, no yay, good for you, you did it.  Just your stats and a Campaign Won screen.  Bad fruit.

If anti-climatic endings don’t bother you, and you have a monster graphics card, give ol’ LotR:BfME a try.

On another note, I’m not the only one doing a fair amount of killing these days.  Apparently Tom Cruise killed Oprah.  Check it out!

Tom Cruise Kills Oprahhttp://tcruiseko.ytmnd.com/

This will no doubt become a big meme here very soon, so make sure and tell everyone that you found it here first, so that everyone will think I’m hip and all that.


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