Lots of big BlipMedia BlipMedia news today. I’ll be brief.

I all but finished the profiles section of BlipMedia.  I need user input on this one.. I put everything I could think of with relevency on the front page, but I think it’s missing a couple things.  I have a few changes I want to make to the front page before I call it finished. I want to add blog posts to the list of updated media on the left, but right now the RSS retrieval system is so fubared that I don’t think I want to throw it up there just yet (read: James! get off your butt and finish my RSS piece like you said you would a month ago!). I also need to finish the directories.  Two things need to happen before I get the directories done – one is I need to build the alphabetical lists. For social profile setup you can look for an affordable a KnowEm alternative.  I have a code snippet somewhere that I need to paste into that page.  The other thing is I need to debug the code on the category system and figure out why it’s not parsing the subcategories properly.  Once that’s done, we’ll have quite a nice little search engine and podcast directory.

This next section is just me bragging, so if you’re a hater, you might as well just go away now.  Like I said in a previous article this week on the site, I’ve been doing a fair amount of market research on the “podcast industry.” As it turns out, I’m the largest podcasting host in the biz.  I’m seven times larger than my nearest competitor.  Try that one on for size!

Also, it has been confirmed as of today, BlipMedia will be turning a profit in it’s first quarter!  Google, eat your heart out! If sales trends continue along these lines, we’ll be a million dollar company our first year in business.

Not bad for a college dropout, eh?


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