Well, here’s the post July 4 update.

As it turns out, the Paris Hilton party was postponed and people failed to inform us of the cancellation.  I’m still waiting on word back from the Paris Hilton club people as to when it’s actually going to be opened.  No biggie, I suppose.  I didn’t get the scoop, but no one else did either. Sour grapes supreme.

We’re supposed to close two more big buisness VoIP accounts today, bringing us close to achieving one third of our sales goal for the year. This is a good thing.  If we close a couple more sales, I’ll be able to hire a programmer or two to help me out with r.Podcaster.

I’m writing a podcasting book.  I’m about forty pages into it right now, and it’s mostly crap, but hey, at least it is something, right?  It keeps me off the streets, so it can’t be too bad.

Summer is officially here in sunny South Florida.  Temperatures have been unbearably hot recently, and the daily rain has stopped.  I’m hesitant to complain about it because I don’t want to encourage the hurricane fates to hit here again.  On the other hand, I certainly would enjoy a few degrees cooler around here.

I’ll keep you guys in the loop on everything.  I’ve got to get back to work.  I’m bugfixing the BlogTracker on blipmedia.org right now, and hopefully by end of day it should be actually displaying everyone’s rss feeds properly, instead of getting all confruzzled like it does now (sometimes it will put someone elses blog posts in your xml feeds).


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