Corporate America’s media, once again overlooks the most popular grass-roots digital podcast host

MSNBC today put out a big article with the Washington Post all about podcasting.  Once again, BlipMedia was passed over in it’s mentions.  We are the largest host around!  We’re the only one providing reliable service for free!  Why do we get ignored?

Very annoying.

More on this later.  I’m a little busy to be typing a blog entry, but I couldn’t let it pass. In other news, you may have noticed that I’ve changed the links on the top of the page a little bit, and updated the graphics on the side bar. A little on that: the graphics for the buy a shirt gimmick wasn’t properly indicating that you could really in fact buy a shirt, so I ‘spruced’ up the graphic (read: crappily added a buy now tag to the image).  You can, in fact, buy rizzn merchandise here on  I’m working on some blipmedia merchandise, too.  I’m sure you’re anxious to spend all your spare dollars here, and I’m willing to acquiesce to that need. 

As to the links on the top of the page, you need to check out the following places: MC Frontalot, Baddd Spellah, MC Chris, Newsguy Jon’s home page, and Questionable Content. MC Chris, you guys should know.  It was high time I put him up on the site.  Maybe he’ll start talking to me again.  Who knows with him.  Ever since he’s gone on tour he’s become something of a primadonna I think.  That or all my emails are getting delivered to junk for him.  Yahoo does that to my domain for some reason, and he has a yahoo account.

Anyone who knows MC Chris knows Baddd Spellah, who has hands down the BEST nerdcore remixes ever.  You need to check out this link right now. The first song was stolen right out of my head (I was going to do a remix of this song, but I couldn’t find the samples, and I didn’t get back to the theatre in time to sample it with my pocket recorder).

MC Frontalot, I found from Baddd Spellah’s website.  From MC Frontalot’s site, I found a crapload of good nerdcore and links to other good nerdcore artists.

MADshow fans –  remember Newsguy Jon? He’s got his own site now, so go there and subscribe to his RSS feed.  My bestest internet friend Kelly turned me on to Questionable Content.  If you even have a vague fondness for indie culture, you’ll enjoy the heck out of QC.  Faye is the second cartoon character with that name I’ve actually lusted after (the first, of course, being Faye Valentine).


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