I’ve made a minor modification to the Podcasting Kernel.  I’ll be announcing it on my podcast today, as well, but just for a heads up – I found out the reason why the queue was backed up for almost three days.

You cannot, I repeat CANNOT add a podcast via email that exceeds three hours in length.

I’m sorry.  It just doesn’t work.  My email server was completely choked for three days, and my upload server was stuck in an infinite loop processing the same 30 podcasts over and over again.  I’ve put a catch in the kernel that will delete any podcast that exceeds three hours in length in 128kbps format or six hours in 64kbps format.

Apologies for any heartache this causes.

Also, coming soon is the brand spankin’ new BlipMedia web page.  This one will update itself based upon user content, so it won’t be as stale as the current incarnation.  I’m basically waiting for my BlipBlog scriptlets to get fixed.  James is working on that.  Write him encouraging emails about how cool he is to make him finish faster.

As soon as we get this incarnation of Blip finished, there’s a good chance a friend of mine will be throwing this in front of some Google people.  About three high-profile articles on podcasting in general, and every single one of them has missed us as being the largest  podcast host in the biz.  Honestly, I realize this is due to the way I have the page laid out, it’s not obvious that we either sell VoIP or host podcasts.  But it is this recent rash of media attention that has prompted a couple people to encourage me to get a publicist, like I’m all Hollywood and stuff.

I never, in my life, figured it would actually be advantageous for me to have a publicist.  Life is weird.

My buddy Newsguy Jon is taking initative on spreading the Rant virus..

Speaking of the MaDshow – I need some help.  I’m putting the finishing touches on the MaDshow Best Of album series, and I need volunteers to help me comb through the archives and find the best of our show.  I’ll give you access to the FTP archive and everything. 

That’s all for now.  Bis spater


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