I’ve had a very odd week, it would seem. Odd for me, I guess. I was speaking to my good buddy Darrell this week about the copious amount of information I’m having to keep track of recently.  I told him it’s almost to the point that I need my own support staff.  He then interrupted me to say that he had no problem with me carrying around a walking stick.  It worked for Gandalf.

Badum. Ching!

In all seriousness, things have really progressed around here at Blip.  We’ve got a number of impressive irons in the fire, and if anyone of them comes out how we envision, we’ll be set for years.  Keep us in your prayers and all that.

Computer Generated Picture of Dubai in 2010. Click to enlarge.Matthew sent me an amazing article about Abu Dubai that he affectionately dubbed Dubai Doobe Doo. It talks of a Utopian future of the UAE.  I had always had an image of the city-state in my head of it being a hotbed for terrorism.  Apparently not.

Read the article and then tell me you don’t want to live there.  It sounds like the image of every SciFi city I’ve created in my head since I was a kid.  I really want to see something like that happen.  It’s unfortunate that we can’t turn an American city into something like that, but then I guess America can kind-of claim it since it was likely American gas dollars that created the capital for such a wonder.

Earlier this week, I was investigating a new revenue stream for Blip’s parent company, AACS, and Leo and I essentially discovered a serious Homeland Security threat. Without going into too much detail, AACS is a mortgage assistance firm, and we work on a regular basis with every credit reporting agency out there.  A number of credit reporting agencies, we weren’t surprised to discover, have call centers overseas in places like the Philipines, Pakistan, Indonesia, and the like. These call center employees have access to not only names and Social Security Numbers, but bank account numbers, birthdates, copies of driver licenses and every manner of personally identifying information.

I suppose in a time such as this where we are all aware of where the terrorists come from, I don’t have to tell you that the Philipines, Pakistan and Indonesia are hotbeds for terrorism and information piracy.  How hard do you think it would be for someone in one of those countries to triple a weeks salary for any information belonging to someone with an Arabian sounding name with American citizenship.

Again, without going into details, I can tell you it’s no difficult thing with all this information to falsify American citizenship papers.  Then, whiz-bang-boom, the terrorists win.

So Leo wrote a letter to our congressmen, and we arbitrarily picked Orin Hatch as someone who we though would be fairly interested in something like that, and faxed him a copy of the letter as well.

Imagine my surprise this afternoon to be chanell surfing and see Alan Greenspan in some Congressional hearings on the very topic.  Government in action!

At least someone’s thinking about it.