I’ve been knee-deep in code this weekend, and I got a great email from a random Blip user.  I quote:


Didn’t know what address to use so I just used this one. I have been using r.Podcaster/BlipMedia for my podcast for several months now, and I really like it. For one; its free and for a cheapskate like me thats the best selling point. I have gone to the extent of promoting BlipMedia on the podcast. This brings me to my first request. It would be really cool if you could do a short promo/commercial in mp3 format downloadable off the website for insertion in a show. The quick audio tag at the end is nice but don’t give out enough info, sometimes I would like to promote my hosting agent ya’know?

The second request is a little more technically complicated on your end. Just something to think about for your next build. How about a download counter on the podcast list page. It would be really nice to know if I had five listeners or six. OK I know its really 3 but that doesn’t stop me.

Thanks for taking the time, & thanks for the service.

Ragnar Daneskjold
The Pirates Week / Ragnar Radio

Great email!  To address the first thing, I’ll post some new clips up this week on the site and in the blog.  How would you folks feel about a contest, though?  I could run a contest with a prize of some moderate amount of value for the best promo for Blip.  Would anyone participate in that one?

The listenercount is the most requested feature to date for r.Podcaster.  Rest assured it’s in the works.  The release date is scheduled for the next release of the Kernel.  Don’t worry.

Lastly, I pimp Ragnar’s podcast for the funny email.


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