Forgot to post this yesterday: BlipMedia relaunch went off without a hitch. Mostly.

After much pestering, I re-did the site into something that updates itself, as we obviously don’t have the staff to keep up with weekly repostings on the front and back pages.  with 1100 users now, it shoudn’t be a big deal.

1100 users, though.  Amazing, nein?

There was a small hitch.  For about 15 minutes after we uploaded the new version, we realized the way I engineered the page, that the user/pass box didn’t work.  At ALL.

I fixed it with some creative layering.  Most people won’t even notice the difference.  It’s even cross platform-nice, too.

So now I’m focusing entirely on building the VoIP end of the business for the next couple months.  That’s the plan, at any rate.  I’ve still got a kernel to  build that’s due to be out by Friday next.  Good luck on that to me, I say.

I’m so sleepy tired.


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