Sorry  about the outage this morning, folks.  I forgot to pay my NS bill this morning.  It’s the only domain I have hosted on the expensive DNS services known as eNom.  I need to switch them to goDaddy, so I don’t have to pay 30 bucks a damn year.

Bill Maher has officially jumped the shark.  I watched his “I’m Swiss” HBO special last night.  It’s sad, really.  Bill used to feign being in touch with his more conservative fan-base at least, but these days, his routine has become filled with entirely anti-Christian rhetoric.  I think there were three points in the whole routine when I even cracked a smile.  I didn’t laugh the whole time!  He would preface every tirade with “I’m not being partisan” and then call the majority of American’s idiots.  Maybe I’m strange, but I don’t call that comedy.

It’s really soured me on the idea of Portland, OR, as well. A few of my friends had been talking about how swell a place Portland was, and even had me thinking about a possible move some time in the future.  He had a theatre that was half filled with people from Portland (the people very strategically placed so as to make it look like a sold out crowd), all of them cheering wildly at every atheistic/anti-theistic statement Billy-boy made. It was actually sad, in a way.

I mean really … Hollywood wonders why middle America thinks there’s a culture war?  Their idea of comedy is to rip on Christians for two straight hours.  Am I alone when I implore “WTF?!”

There were about two entertaining bits in the whole special, but they were definately not worth wading through two hours of insults without punchlines. 

For entertaining political commentary, look to someone like Lewis Black.  He’s intelligent, makes fun of both sides, and his jokes have a payoff!  Bill Maher used to do this, too, but he seems to be comfortable just yelling.  The Daily Show, for all it’s anti-Republican banter is still entertaining.  A spoonful of sugar has always helped the medicine go down.  Bill Maher would do good to remember that, instead of pandering to a juvenile form of his liberal base.


Update: I did a technorati search on Bill Maher, and it seems that the conservative bloggers stayed away from this performance, but even the liberals found it unpallatable.

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