“I sat in a Greenwich Village workroom with Bob Luff, the Chief Technology Officer at Nielson, as he pulled out gadget after gadget to show me what he’s up against.  Luff seemed to view the modern American home as a digital zoo where the lion is about to lie down with the lamb: radio is going on the Web, TV is going on cellphones, the Web is going on TV and everything, it seems, is moving to video-on-demand (V.O.D.) and (quite possibly) the iPod and the PlayStation Portable.  ‘Television and media,” Leff said ‘will change more in the next 3 or 5 years than it’s change din the past 50. ‘”

-Jon Gertner, ‘Our Ratings, Ourselves,’ The NY Times, 4/10/05

 “Hard work never killed anybody, but why take a chance?” 

-Edgar Bergen

“The Inner Swine anti-terror program goes like this: 1. Survey size of the Universe, 2. Internalize the fact that you are an unimportant speck in the Universe, 3. Ponder what to have for lunch.

“The fact is, if some yob is going to pull the pin on my subway car or bus, well, there you have it. Nothing I can do about it, nothing you can do about it, and nothing the police can do about. An energetic and effective policy on the part of the various intelligence agencies might be able to prevent bombings by discovering plots before they’re unleashed, but once the yobs strap on the dynamite and head out to the tube, fuck it, you’re toast. Nothing you can do about it.

“You can, however, do something about lunch. Don’t waste your energy.”

-Jeff Somers, ‘TIS Annoyingly Random Email,’ The Inner Swine, 7/22/05

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