I spoke in semi-excited tones yesterday about a celebrity I thought might actually be running for president with a campaign platform that I could get behind. It turns out that it was all untrue – a cruel hoax played on gullible bloggers like myself

I spoke with Mara Buxbaum at ID PR today; Mara is Christopher Walken’s publicist.  She said that she’s been innundated with calls all day about Christopher Walken’s ‘bid for public office,’ but she did in fact confirm that the site is a hoax.

“Mr. Walken has no intentions for public office,” said Buxbaum. “Perhaps one of his fans got a little excited seeing him play Secretary Cleary with presidential aspirations in Wedding Crashers.”

Ms. Buxbaum was very quick to return the phone call. If you’re a high-powered Hollywood star in need of publicity, call her.  She seems real on the ball.

Now the fun begins – Who is behind this hoax?  I’ve only seen Wedding Crashers one time, so I don’t remember if the quotes from the website are from the movie – they could be.  There’s a part in the film where Owen Wilson’s character is speaking with Walken’s character about politics.  The statements could be extrapolations on that conversation.

Mara asked that I spread the word that this site is a hoax so that the calls might dwindle down about her office.  I find it interesting that the story is indeed generating this much interest for Walken.  I suppose it is telling how much we bloggers dictate in the news cycles these days, and that the Mainstream Media is learning how to fact-check.

She didn’t mention if the calls were mostly from bloggers or news organisations.  I suppose it’s hard to tell from her end, as most of us bloggers imitiate Mainstream Media most of the time to get past the gatekeepers.

So, faithful Rizznites, our search continues for who we might endorse in the 2008 presidential election.  Keep your ears to the ground.


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