I’m going to send out an email to all the users once it’s fully functional, but I’ve got to turn in tonight – I’ve been doing what I’ve been doing too long to think right anymore.

The upshot is this, though: everyone’s downloads are going to increase substantially now (if they’ve categorized their blogs properly with the directory settings) as there is now a searchable and browseable directory.  I spoke a couple days ago of this being the first step towards bringing unbiasing advertisment.

Unfortunately, it looks like my weekend is going to be completely taken up with dealing with the innundation of new users.  Unfortunately, my programming didn’t take into account supporting more than 1000 users.  I’m working on a queuing system so that profiles will take less than 90 minutes to generate.  As we get more and more users, it takes longer and longer to regenerate the profiles.  This is unacceptable (not to mention putting incredible strain on this machine’s puny Celeron processor).

So it may take a couple weeks before I get done with the stats engine while I deal with the queuing server, but once that’s done, we’re back on the right track.


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