At Joel’s request, I’ve set up a new email list for regular visitors of the Rizzn blog.  Hopefully this will end up keeping us more connected, plus spread the viral word of our impending takeover of this world and all others.  Or something.

As a service to the world, I’ll provide a simple step-by-step guide how you can add traffic and involvement to your blog by using Blogger in conjunction with Google Groups-Beta.

First of all, head on over to Google Groups Beta.  Set yourself up a mailing list.  Choose the appropriate options to configure your mailing list to allow discussion or not.  Add yourself to the list, and then minimize the window.

Log into your blogger control panel.  You’re going to want to either view or edit your profile so that you can determine what your email address that your blog entries will be sent from.  Make changes if need be.

Then pick your favorite blog (read: the one you want to be discussed, dummy!) from your control panel.  Go and edit the settings.  All the way on the left there should be an option named “EMail”.  Click on that bad mammajamma.

Go back to your other window where you have Groups-Beta open in.  Look around, somewhere on the page it’ll give you an address of what the mailing list is.  It will be something (usually the Control-C that and then switch back to the Blogger window, and Control-V that into the “BlogSend Address”.

Save your Settings. Now go and enter your email address from your Blogger profile into the list of members on Google Groups.

Bickety-Bam: you’re all set up.

If’n you’d like ta join my mailing list, Google even provides the following handy dandy signup code:

Google Groups Subscribe to v8.3
Browse Archives at

 That’s all I got for now.  Sign up to the list!


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