I’m just doing anything I can today to avoid doing real work.  Someone needs to kick my butt and make me work.  This is the third blog post I’ve done today.

At any rate, I’m going to update the front page in a few minutes of Blip with the news as soon as we hit 1400 users, which should be any minute now.  This is a record week – we’ve had over 100 joins this week.  The post activity is very active as well, we’re getting more than 15 new podcasts per day, which is good considering most people post one per week.  I’m missing a few of our regular posters, like RFC, Gem, and the BeatGoblins.  I’m told by everyone though that they’re just taking summer breaks, and continue to podcast, and do so with Blip.

Speaking of people I haven’t heard lately, Clusterflux Anomoly needs to get back to podcasting – they’ve been on hiatus too long – you’ve been put on notice, guys.  Get back to podcasting, or I’m sending Guido after you.  He does thumbs.

In other Blip news, we bought a new server today.  Now begins the arduous process of moving stuff over to the new machine without disturbing the process.  I think I’ve more or less decided the new server will be the workhorse of the group.  Its a P4 server, it has less ram, but MUCH more hard-drive space.  We shouldn’t have to worry about filling up the hard drive for another six months or so (given we don’t completely blow up and get another 6000 users in the next six months – which is entirely possible).

Another interesting factoid – BlipMedia serves up 278 YEARS worth of audio every month.  That’s more than three average lifetimes!  We’re kickin’ butt over here, folks!

I’m gone.  I’m going to do some real work now.


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