I don’t normally break character like this (by breaking character, I mean putting aside my school-bus sized ego), but I’ve got to ask this question of the masses who are now reading my blog and subscribing to my discussion group (and the few people who subscribe to my RSS feed).

A couple weird things have been happened to me lately.  I went to the Marlins/Dodgers game last Friday, and as usual, my streak of going to see professional sports and the team I was there for not losing continued – the Marlins completely whupped up on the Dodgers.  Going into the stadium, however, these four really hot chicks tapped me on my shoulder and asked if they could have a photograph with me.  Of course, I obliged, but it was a bit of an akward silience afterwards, and so I re-joined my group and sort of filed the experience away.

Then this weekend, I was walking down the beach, as I usually do, towards Lighthouse Point from Pompano, and I was photographed again. Again, by hot chicks, and again, no explanation – they simply ran off after they snapped my photo, paparazzi style.

Just a few minutes ago, I was standing outside the office smoking a cigarette, and there was a lull in the traffic on Atlantic, and this girl in a late 90’s SUV slows down, looks at me and honks the horn, waves, and drives off.  I waved back with what I’m sure was a bizarre look of confusion on my face.

My question to the public is, do I closely resemble some longhaired celebrity now? Am I celebrity now?  Has my picture been circulating some underground email list?  What the heck?  And why do the hot chicks have to run or drive away quickly after spotting me?

These are the things I need to know.

That is all for now.


PS: Speaking of hot chicks, check out Charlize Theron in the live-action Aeon Flux trailer.


My take?  Utter tripe, and a denegration of the original series, but hey, that’s Hollywood, and if you gotta go out like that, better do it with Charlize! MM mmm.

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