Well, hurricane insanity has finally hit SouFla again.  For those of you who are in South Florida reading my words, tell me, what is your plan for Katrina this year?  Apparently, it’s going to hit Vero Beach this time, but of course from West Palm down to Miami is going to get drenched and blown around to some extent or another.

I for one am glad that it’s happenned, because it gives me yet another chance to lampoon the idiots on your source for 24 hour hurricane coverage, CBS’s WFOR.

I’ll release their super secret live video feed on the mailing list so that everyone around the world can join in.  It’ll be great, because you may be in Texas or Illinois or Australia or whatever, but you can close the doors, turn out the lights, board up the windows, and then turn on the 24 hour feed and let the MSM panic seep into your pores.  They lay it on thick, I tell you.

I’ve got this clip I saved from last year where this guy is on the beach in the thick of the hurricane with this pocket wind gauge, and he’s panicing because the windspeed got above 38 mph.

Anyways, yeah.  Katrina.  Scary.


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