My power’s out at my house, so I’m just sitting around the office waiting for sleep to overtake me.  I would sleep at my house, but I can’t see at all to walk the long corridor to my door, nor can I clean off my bed properly in the dark.  Call me short-bus, I just found it easier to get back in the car and drive to the office.  The hurricane seems to be over, for the most part.  I turned the Weather Channel back on my PDA since the WFOR stream has been permanently overloaded since the storm started. 

According to the current radar gimmick the last yellow band has passed my area.  Yay, happy.  These people are busting such nuts over this.  They’re making computer graphics of what they think Pompano Beach may look like with three feet of flood water.  Freakin’ dorks.

I’ve finished the queuing system, and it’s in Beta.  I need all the Blip users to keep a close eye on their RSS streams and let me know if they fail to generate within 15 minutes of creation, as that is the deadline set within the system for RSS/profile file creation.  It’s going to reduce the load on the server by 90% at least, which is great, and will be truly amazing once it’s migrated to the new server.

Since I’m such a Jedi Master coder, I’ve decided to take on a Padawan.  Kelly has been getting heavy into the art of design, and she’s been taking forays into backend coding.  I’ll be there to keep her from straying to the dark side (because uncertainty leads to doubt, which leads to fear, which leads to hate, which leads to Java.  *shiver*).

So say hey to Kelly, and congratulate her on her decision to train her mitochlorins to become little microscopic hackers.