Well, howdy do everyone.  I feel like I’ve been in another world the last few days, not so much because covering the VMA stuff is so exciting, but because I’ve basically not slept this entire weekend.  OK, that’s not true, I slept about 10 hours since Thursday.  I can tell the folks at the office were a little upset I walked in at about 1:30pm, but hey, I gotta do what I gotta do.

Ricky got a good deal of great photos, and we’ll likely be posting them here on the site within the next few days.  I made a few really good contacts on the press line (a big howdy to Monica and Dennis if you happen to read this).

I found out something quite interesting this weekend.. being a blogger is the new uber-hip thing!  I know no one actually reads this thing, so I feel pretty safe in saying this … if you want access to celebrities at these types of events, all you have to do is tell the PR person you’re a blogger!  On Friday evening, I got an all access pass to an event hosted by Carmen Electra for free (Louis XIV played a set). It was about as boring as any other party I’ve ever been to, but the point is I got a $700 pass for free.

Journalistically, of course the highlight of the weekend was Suge getting shot (although had he not been shot, a lot of other good celebs would have shown up – OJ Simpson, Jamie Foxx and Jeremy Piven were rumored to be on their way).  I’ve got a pretty good run down of what happenned there in this blog entry, but in my sleep-deprived haze I forgot to mention that the police were launching tear-gas gimmicks into the crowd to get us to back away from Yusef when they were arresting him. 

Something about that whole evening seems really fishy, because it took about five minutes of pandemonium before anyone called the police or even the security forces over to the scene.  What’s more, the MSM (with the exception of the Herald) aren’t reporting on the arrest of Yusef at all, not to mention that AP, CNN, and a couple other wire services are getting the guest list completely wrong.  It’s pretty sad, because there were exactly four ABC Radio correspondents there as well as an actual MTV news crew, and none of them bothered to interview anyone, opting to simply flee the scene.  It was me, the house photographer, and Access Hollywood running into the fray, and that’s it!

I guess it shows I have either very weak survival instincts, or very strong journalistic ones.

I’ve got to get some work done today, so I’m done with this entry.  Hopefully we’ll get Blip’s core processes moved over to the new server today.


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