This one I’m pretty sure is not a hoax. There were a couple gimmicks that made me think it might be, but the source seemed sincere.  I picked this up from a San Francisco blogger called Fox Force Five. I haven’t called Jon’s people yet to confirm, so in a couple days I’ll have something for you.

Hopefully I won’t get burned on this one, but I wouldn’t mind too much supporting Jon Stewart in an election.  He more or less embodies all the qualities we were looking for in a wrassler president.

I’m just going to quote the salient paragraphs, and you can go to Fox Force for the rest:

The conversation then turned to politics, international relations and President Bush.

“Why don’t you run for president?” I said. Jon and his associate looked at each other and smiled.

“What?” I said.

“I am.”

“No way! In 2008? For the democratic party?” I said.

“I talked to Howard Dean, and he said the party would probably not nominate me. Of course it is hard to say this early on, but they are really planning on Hilary. I will probably run as an independent.” Jon said matter-of-factly.

I was astonished, “Aren’t you worried you will just become like Ralph Nader, and just take votes away from Hilary?” I asked.

“I would be more worried that Hilary would take votes away from me.”

“You are that confident?” I said.

“Jon has a great deal of influence,” his associate said, “He has a hit TV show, his book is a best seller. Arnold was elected governor, why not Jon for president?”

Jon raised an eyebrow.

So there you have it.  I’ll be in touch with someone this week to verify.


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