Given that I’m pulling my hair out on this damn blip migration, I’m taking a break for a couple days to work on what’s turning out to be a community project called – it’s a public database of people displaced by Hurricane Katrina in NOLA.

If you’re a developer and you want to get in on this, volunteer your efforts over here on this message board. It’s going to be a standard ASP/Access/Perl imalgamation, or at least that’s what it’s shaping up to be right now, although I can run PHP and .net on this server, too.  If you know any of these languages, this is a good alternative to donating money that you might not have – donate your talent.

Right now we’re concentrating on creating an aggregator tool so that we can consolidate CNN’s and the NOLA local media databases into a central place.


PS: Forgot the link:

On the Turntables Currently: newsrealrantradio_newsreal__2005-09-02.mp3

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