I had a conversation with John Galloway from the Katrina Data Project today.  In the short time we both started our respective projects, I must tip my hat to him and his crew, as he’s currently accomplished much more than I.  He’s been able to assimilate about five large databases of information so far, and is establishing relationships with other non-profits out there. That’s why we’re joining forces, and I’m going to concentrate more on getting the word out and creating an ‘affiliate’ program for the database.  Stay tuned to Katrina Lost and Found for details on that.  Very soon, I’ll have a simple, small form you can integrate into your website to allow people to search or register in the database.

Another project that should be tackled within the next few days and weeks is a comprehensive database of people in the South that are willing to take in families and help them assimilate back into society, instead of being holed up in shelters, domes, and firestations. Let me know if you want to start organising something of that nature.

On a different note, I almost destroyed my television set last night while watching Real Time with Bill Maher, and I have have a much decreased respect for actor Brad Whitefield, the man who plays Joshua Lymon on The West Wing. They literally accused President Bush of murdering the state of Louisiana.  Meanwhile, Kanye West (yes, the fellow who played host to Suge Knight’s shooting last weekend) accused President Bush of overt racism on live television (during NBC’s telathon). It’s upsetting to see that this issue could very literally be something that ends up dividing our country permanently.

This just in: moments ago a civilian rescue helicopter crashed in NOLA, no fatalities.  The crash occurred in the middle of a rescue effort. 

I’m actually surprised to see that this is the first helicopter crash, given all the low altitude chopper traffic in the city.  I was actually expecting to see a vertol or Sinouk crash in the rebuilding of the levy.  This would have been a good situation to implement a UAV.