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Aquanuke_small[1]Hello, Aquafans!

Some have been asking where have I been during the whole New Orleans crisis. With all the water and flooding, people seem to think that it just might have been a job for Aquaman.

Couple things here. First off, when the problem first hit, it was a hurricane. That involves not just water but also lots of wind, and I’m Aquaman – not Wind-and-Water Man. Hurricanes just aren’t my thing.

Second, I like swimming in water, so preventing flooding isn’t exactly to my interest. I’m not some construction expert; I can reinforce a levee.

Thirdly, the water in New Orleans got quite dirty, and it would just not be sanitary for me to swim in it.

Finally, as you may have noticed from my Aryan good looks, I, like the Bush administration, don’t particularly care for black people. In fact, my arch-nemesis is Black Manta. You see, I fight black people; I don’t save them.

Anyway, wasn’t this more of an ecological disaster? Maybe people should have called on Green Lantern.

Ha! I made a funny! I have to go tell my fish friends that one…




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