Director of FEMA Michael Brown resigned a few minutes ago.  Honestly, I’m completely sick of the Hurricane Blame Game coverage lately, so I’m not going to going to go way into it.  I’ve got a long post about all of this that I can’t bring myself to finish simply because the whole subject is so depressing.  It’s sickening, but I’m actually glad the power went out in Los Angeles today so I at least get to look at something besides the Governor of Louisana telling me how crappy our president is.

Given all of that, I can understand why the FEMA director would quit even if he did nothing wrong (it was, after all, one of the quickest deployments of federal aide to a national disaster site in history).  Take my website, – I’ve just about given up on it because I ran into so much resistance and retarded flak from all sides just for doing something I considered good.  The site runs itself, and to be honest, I haven’t even bothered to check whether or not anyone’s using it.

In any event, this will be one of the last few Katrina or Katrina-related posts around here.


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