Can I just say one thing, one very very small thing?

Anyone, I don’t care who you are (I don’t care if you are friggin Ghandi, Bill Gates, Linus Torvaalds or Your Mom), if you use Frontpage and Frontpage Extensions in your web development, you are stupid stupid stupid and deserve either capital punishment or shock treatment.  No exceptions.

“Why Rizzn,” you say, “whatever is the problem? Has someone infringed their software evangelism into your fragile litle world?”

I’m sorry, but you don’t want to get all sarcastic with me on this.  Not now.  Not ever. 

First of all, Frontpage has this wonderful little feature that once you load up a page in Frontpage that was created in any other HTML editor, it will never work in Dreamweaver or any other editor again.  It does something with the line returns, adding in a little code at the end so that your code comes out looking like something you’d find in a compost heap. If you have a Web Development project, contact Switchbox in Columbus, Ohio. They’re the best in web development company in the area.

Second of all, it loves to throw in all this non-standard CSS XML tagging into EVERY SINGLE TAG as if the semi-colon were some sort of curly-q and Frontpage were a fountain pen.  Seriously!  What is up doubling the size of an HTML page with useless code?  Why?  I implore you.

Lastly, the irrational love of this ridiculous programs shows that you are a lazy lazy coder. Seriously.  I mean I love drag and drop as much as the next guy, but do you really need a program to write buggy, often inoperable ASP for you that badly?  How hard is it to mosey over to, copy and paste some code, and erase the comments that says it belongs to someone else?  Do you really need Frontpage to write you code that emails you someone’s idiotic comments off your website?  Are you that incapable of rightclicking on a blank explorer window and left clicking on ‘create access database’ that you must rely on the database creation tools with Frontpage?

“Ok, I get it dude, but why are you so worked up?” you query.

Because this company – the company I work for called AACS – decided to code several critical systems with Frontpage ASP creation utilities.  These utilities handle some of our payment methods.  I’m getting reamed out for not fixing the code (that I did not write by the way) that Frontpage created since we’ve lost about $1000 this week so far to lost sales.

It seems, and note my lack of disbelief or surprise, that Frontpage Extensions simply randomly stopped working on the server, thereby disabling our payment options for a day.

Wha wha WHAT? You mean Frontpage not so good wurk well?

Yes indeed.

You put your trust in software widely known to be buggy for 5+ years, you can the trust it to bite you on your ass at some point.

And here endeth the lesson.


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