Somehow I got linked on the Kelly Clarkson Express message board.  Because I have not the patience to dig through their thousands and thousands of links and pages, I have no idea where but in what context, but I’m pretty sure it happenned yesterday because before yesterday, I had no incoming links in my stats from there, and today, about 400 people came in from there.  So hey-diddly-ho-there KCE people.

I’m still putting together the basics I’m going to need to create that Miami Area entertainment blog.  I don’t think I’ve talked about it publicly, but for those of you who are interested in participating and contributing to an area Miami version of Gawker, let me know.  I want to guage actual committment levels before I start committing myself to these PR firms and wire services.

In other news, there’s some big Blip announcements coming this weekend.  We’re unveiling a major new feature, and we might be unveiling something even bigger than a feature, so stay tuned for that  excitement.  The Rizzn Inner Circle knows what I’m talking about (most of it does, anyways.  If you haven’t called me in the last few days and you’re in the Inner Circle , (you know who you are) then you’re missing out on some big news!).

Work’s been a huge drag lately.  Sales for AACS were sagging last week, so I got tasked to help with sales.  Listen, don’t get me wrong – I can sell if I have to.  I just prefer not to.  I’ve got better things to do, and I generally think sales is best left to automated web sites.  Honestly, I’ve never really gotten into the thrill of ‘closing a sale.’  It doesn’t do anything for me.  I’m a creator, I get a thrill from knowing I’m the author of a 30,000 line monster code project or knowing I created a snippet that does in 5 lines what most coders do in 20 or something like that.  Writing convoluted and obfuscated code is a guilty pleasure of mine.

Does any of that sound like someone who should be in a sales department?  No!

I rest my case, your honor.

Also, one more thing – CSPAN3 REALLY BITES!  It’s the only CSPAN channel (not to mention the only video streaming site EVAR) I know of that streams video at 21 kbps.  Basically I’ve been watching a slideshow with audio for the last two days because I’m deadly interested in watching these John Roberts hearings.

I’m such a damn geek.

Appearing courtesy of the home office located at, the TOP TEN:


10. Gets permanent 10% discount at participating Target stores.
9. Flowing Chief Justice robes allows for him to glide for short distances.
8. Has the power to dictate what Wednesday’s special is at the Supreme Court cafeteria (must be chosen from a list of available entrees).
7. Given magical amulet to ward off mummies, making sure there is always at least one Justice in case of nationwide mummy attacks.
6. If he wants to, he can wear a hat (so far, no one has wanted to).
5. Must be able to accurately chuck a gavel at and strike a man-sized target at fifty paces.
4. Subjected to gamma rays to give him superpowers and/or cancer.
3. While expected to be stoic during Supreme Court hearings during the day, is also expected to extract vigilante justice at night.
2. Only Justice who can put a halt to proceedings because he needs to pee.

And the number one difference of the Chief Justice from regular Justices is…

Has to have actually read the Constitution.


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