Update (9/21/2005): An update on the Cocaine Kate story. Was linked by the National Ledger at some point recently.

Kate on the cover of the UK MIRRO R doing rails of blowYeah right. There’s been a fair amount of controversy in the blog-o-sphere about Kate Moss’s coke pictures – Gawker wussied out as soon as some lawyers called them and took the pictures down, but not before your intrepid blogger over here snagged those bad mamma jammas. Just so the lawsuits go exactly where they’re supposed to, these originally came from the UK Mirror.

In case you’re blind or you’re looking at the monitor from an angle (cuz, y’know, Kate’s pretty skinny, y’know. Like a piece of paper. Nevermind), these pictures are of Kate Moss at some party doing heroic rails of cocaine. A really bad photo of her doing more blowAllegedly. You look at them and tell me. I mean it could be some white meth, or powdered sugar.

From my surfing around the Kate Moss Rumor-Monger sites today, the following results of her hoovering that stuff up her cute, little nose are going to or are already happening:

1) Her endorsement deals are in deep doo-doo.

A slightly better photo of her reveling in the blow that is now in her nose.2) She’s on record as having responded: “f-ck off, f-ck off, f-ck off, f-ck off, f-ck off!”

3) There’s nothing hotter than an anorexic coke whore with a potty mouth.

4) She might lose her kid (Lila) to her ex-husband.

4) She’s breaking up with her boyfriend to prevent this.

5) He’s probably the guy who gave it to her, because he’s a big druggie guy or something.

6) There is no number six.

By the way that thing about being blind wasn’t a crack – I know I have blind readers now, thanks to a couple tech support conversations I’ve had on the Blip line.


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