It’s getting a little ridiculous how much attention I’m getting lately.  Just a little.  I’ve been featured on the front page of several different websites this week, a thing that’s happening on such a consistent basis lately that it’s no longer to the point where I need to permalink everyone back that does it anymore.  There’s still a large source of traffic coming from the Kelly Clarkson world, and despite all that traffic, I can’t tell what page it is their hitting (although my suspicion is it’s either the cocaine kate post, or it’s the it’s the old SportKa post.

The big news in my geographic location is, of course, that I’m currently being hit with another hurricane (Hurricane Rita).  Honestly, it’s not a big deal.  Don’t get me wrong, by the time it hits Cat 5 and bears down on Texas or NOLA, it will be.  At the moment, however, it’s barely a category 1, and it’s just a minor rainshower for me.

Sorry that’s not as exciting as the story you see on TV right now.  I’m watching people on the Weather Channel right now that are literally a couple miles from me, and they’re all busting a nut over being in the middle of a hurricane after the NOLA/Katrina disaster, everyone hoping to get picked up on national cable or something.

The thing that always gets me on these hurricane forecasts is they always do the current conditions screen sandwiched between a reporter hanging for dear life from some sort of metal pole in the middle of a hurricane, and this radar screen completely filled up with the color red to make you panic.  But in between the radar and the flying forecaster is this five day outlook and current conditions screen, all of which calmly proclaim that “There’s a chance of slight thunderstorms and windy conditions.”

I mean, if you’re going to go sensation, go sensational all the way!  Put pictures of your reporter blowing in the wind, or just skip the cloud with the lines below it and put a skull and crossbones there!  Why do you wait until the five-day outlook to make everything look calm inducing. 

Consistency.  It’s all I ask for.

Also, I want some feedback from you screwballs on Hamachi/Soundtrack to My Car.  Listen to it and report back!  That’s an order!


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