We love you, Ray!
Thanks, Glen Reynolds:

SingularityRAY KURZWEIL’S BOOK comes out tomorrow. Here’s a post on Kurzweil by Tyler Cowen (“It is no longer intellectually acceptable not to know his major arguments.”). And here’s a review from Kirkus. And here’s my interview of Kurzweil.

UPDATE: More thoughts from Matthew Yglesias. And from Kevin Drum. (I liked this comment, which echoes this column.) The blogosphere is certainly buzzing.

ANOTHER UPDATE: More blogosphere buzz here: “The book might alternatively be titled ‘The Modern Futurist Consensus: a Review’ . . . My own two cents thrown into the ring say that the class of future portrayed in TSiN is something of a foregone conclusion. It’s quite likely that we’ll all be wildly, humorously wrong about the details of implementation, culture and usage, but – barring existential catastrophe or disaster – the technological capabilities discussed in TSiN will come to pass.” There’s much more.

Freakin’ AWESOME.  Ray Kurzweil is to Mark as J. K. Rowling is to Kelly.

In What the Hell news…
002_lSnakes on a Plane?  The synopsis tells me nothing more than the title:  On board a flight over the Pacific Ocean, an assassin, bent on killing a passenger who’s a witness in protective custody, let loose a crate full of deadly snakes.   You’d think this is a joke, or a really bad Troma film, but no! Check it out! It’s real, and it stars Samuel L. Jackson, Flex Alexander, Rachel Blanchard, Juliana Margulies, Nathan Phillips, Tygh Runyan, David Koechner. 

It’s a movie about snakes on a plane, how creative could a title with that subject matter be? All the good snake movie titles have been taken, and so have most of the bad ones. It used005_l to be called Flight 121, but Jackson insisted it be called Snakes on a Plane, and that’s what it’s called.

So many questions. How many snakes? What kind of snakes? What kind of relationship does Sammy L have with the snakes? Does he see his childhood in their eyes? Can snakes love? Can snakes love…on a plane? Can snakes love a plane? How many pina coladas can snakes drink? How many pina coladas can Sammy L drink? How many snakes can Sammy L drink?

This is going to be emotional, I can tell. It’s going to have heart.

A lot of you may be asking yourself things like: why was this made or why was this actually given money to be made or why would any actor be involved in it or would anyone go and see it?

The answer to all those questions and more is simply “Snakes on a Plane.”

I can’t wait for the inevitable sequels and knock offs that will be sure to follow.  Snakes on a Boat! Snakes on a Submarine! Snakes on the Space Shuttle!  Snakes on a chopper! Snakes 006_lin a tank! Snakes on an intergalatic spaceship! Snakes on the moon! Snakes in bed! Snake on a giant turtle! Snakes in your face! Snakes in a Hot Air Balloon! Snakes on a Bus With Keanu Reeves and Sandrah Bullock! 

Snakes on a Tandem!  Lance Armstrong (appearing as himself) decides to enter the Tour de France on a tandem only for his co-cyclist behind him to be none other than a reticulated python who has orders to kill him. However by the end of the race the python has become firm friends with Lance and decides to give up being a hired assssssssssasssssin and become a professional cyclist with Lance.  From there, their partnership becmes the greatest ever and they win every bike race… ever!

Hollywood is clearly stuck on stupid.