I only have a few topics today, as I did a couple moster posts yesterday, and I’ve got to do some actual work today, but since I’m here, and you’re here, I guess we’ll talk about it or something.

General Rizzn.com/.net News
I thought we had peaked earlier in the week when our hit count hit 1000 uniques a day and started back down, but this morning at three AM, we hit 500 uniques already, so someone sent what can only be described as a crapload of traffic.  Because my current hit analyzer sucks, I won’t know for a couple days exactly where its coming from.

I expected as of this morning to say something like “We just hit 1800 podcasters on Blip this morning.”  Well, not only did we hit 1800 podcasters, but we blew that number out of the water. Additionally, we’re serving up, on average, six more gigabytes a day than our projected growth, which is awesome!  Hopefully, the people who host my servers will do their job and fix the machine we’re migrating to, so that I don’t have to go to Dallas and break their legs.  We’re growing so quick, and those that are joining are doing so much uploading that we’re chewing up a gigabyte of storage every other day!

Right now, we’ve got just under four gigabytes left on the server.  We’ve got a fresh new server sitting right next to it ready to move into, but homies at thePlanet keep screwing things up.  Keep your fingers crossed.  We’ve been trying to get this migration done for a month now.  It needs to happen today.

Kate Moss: We’re still talking about her?
I’m sure it’s no huge surprise to most of you that she took cocaine.  I mean, come on!?  Isn’t cocaine known as the drug of choice for rich uber-elite or something?  I rather took it for granted that supermodels did coke.  I mean I saw Gia (come one, you can admit it if you did – it was more than AIDS propaganda, it had lesbian sex!), and if that movie’s to be believed, every model does hard drugs!

Well, Kate’s still in the news, again making the front page of Google News, and still ranked number five on Technorati’s search.  If you’ve not seen the pictures yet, click here, and go to my old entry containing Gawker’s removed Mirror pictures.Many jaded bloggers have remarked “how cool she looks doing coke.”  I don’t know, I’m not seeing it.  She just looks strung out to me – like the poster child for one of those after school specials or a kid from one of those anti-drug commercials.  Bad fruit.

Rizzn’s Inner Circle Roundup (RICR)
I guess this is a new feature here.  I’m going to try it out.  Consider it a Zeitgeist of what’s going on in my inner circle of people. Art has been pondering the state of society and preponderance of people who presume other people puff pot (I hope you like that, I worked for about two minutes making that alliteration).  He also notes that almost everyone he knows who smokes pot is markedly stupid.  I commented:

 I disagree with you on the pot having a direct correlation to making you stupid. I think it’s simply a sociology thing. A lot of stupid people smoke pot. I smoked pot for years, and I think good and stuff.

Seriously though, my problem with habitual drug users of any type has little to do with intelligence (since I think almost everyone is stupid), and more to do with trust levels. In my experience, with only two noteable exceptions, anyone who habitually uses drugs is unworthy of trust, and habitual drug users in which I’ve placed my trust (with those two noteable exceptions) have wasted little time in grossly violating it.

Darrell has been surprisingly vocal lately, speaking both about the new fall season on TV and Hurricane Rita, and it’s predictable effect on my old hometown.  He gives mixed reviews on the new TV season, but a very clear message on how Rita affects East Texas:

People here are acting like it’s Y2K all over again.  Gas stations are backed up for miles.  Grocery stores without anything left on their shelves have lines longer than a new ride at Six Flags.  Smart, thoughtful people we are.  Everything I own could get destroyed.  I know, lets go purchase more shit to get destroyed!  At least we’ll have it while it’s being blown away.  Plus, the dead beats being evacuated from their cities won’t have anything when they come freeload on us.

I have lost all faith in humanity.  I bought bullets instead of provisions.  I will survive.

Jon has had an up and down week (and don’t think I forgot to call – I’m still calling man, just been really damn busy), after last night having a near death experience with Kyndall, and not reaping any of the rewards for saving the day.  On the other hand, he’s got his profile picture replaced with one containing a quite attractive girl.

My padawan, Kelly, has half finished a new project.  You should check it out, and congratulate her on the release of N*Sync’s new Best Of album.  She’s mighty excited about both things. The RICR list has been pretty dead this week.  If you’re interested in getting the inside scoop of the RICR, you should sign up.


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