I’ve had an intense weekend of relaxation, consisting of curling up with my new Kurzweil book, programming, server migration and role playing.  The story in our Sunday night role-playing session just took a turn for the weird.  Matthew’s character just got slaughtered needlessly by a PC hobgoblin, someone that was supposed to work for the same guy we work for.  Instead, Matthew’s character pissed him off in a real long story I won’t go into right now, and my little level one kobold wound up squaring off with a level 12 hobgoblin.  The upshot is I didn’t die, and I didn’t flee.  As you might imagine, I didn’t kill the hobgoblin, either, and I didn’t manage to save Matthew’s character.

I may transcribe some of this into story form, if anyone’s interested in reading that, and serialize it onto the blog.

Lutherous (a cat creature called a Kei Dyn) and Rizzn (the 3’9” kobold) are on a quest to the temple of Bianesse (or as Rizzn says, Bianesssssse) to see if they will revive or resurrect their crusader.  Some joker, however, decided to put the temple of Bianesse somewhere in the far northern part of the land, and my guy, a cold-blooded reptile, is succeptible to cold. And it’s the start of a winter in which there’s already snowfall. Watch the hilarity ensue!

On the upside, I think I may have made it to level four this weekend, if not level three, so I’ll get to put all kinds of new goodies on my character sheet.  If you want to join in on our game, head on over to iroleplay.net. It’s chat room and message board based gameplay.  If you’re a Tyler original, you’ll recognize some of the people who hang out at the OOC boards.  Enough with the joking around, though. On to the news.

Warning: Graphic Content Below
CrystalBeachAmessFor some reason, the media has been intensely bloodthirsty.  Chris Matthews all last week was predicting that Galveston’s citizens would be killed at the sight of Hurricane Rita.  The local  news in Tyler, Texas, according to all who lived there, was asking the citizenry to board up their windows, and for the love of John, don’t go outside with downed limbs, or you could die!

It’s in the face of things like this when you see the MSM with egg on their face, you have to point and laugh. A new video that’s circulating is FNC’s new BIG STORY! The video shows the aftermath of Hurricane Rita on the Florida Keys (Crystal Beach). There’s a screenshot to the right here, but to truly understand the carnage, you must watch the video for yourself.

Singularity is Coming
I’m continuing to read Kurzweil’s new book, and I’ve got to say, it’s simply amazing.  The beginning of the book is a bit difficult to me, because I must admit a certain ignorance of the statistical importance of logarithmic functions, but I’m learning.  For this reason, its going to be a bit of slow going, because Kurzweil seems to assume a certain aptitude in logarithms that I don’t have.  Once you get past that into the higher technology concepts, it gets to be back toward my level a bit, though.

From what I can tell, so far, is that this book more or less picks up right where the Age of Spiritual Machines left off.  Most of the stuff he discusses concerning logarithmic functions in the first chapter he explained other ways in ASM.  More on this topic as I learn about it.

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher
DemiApparently Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are more than shackin’ up now, they’re tying the knot.  Apparently, in Hollywood, tying the knot also means they need to tye a red string around their wrists, as they appear to have had a “ traditional Kabbalah“ wedding (quite a contradiction in terms, as it’s more or less only been around a few years as a religion).

Joel, Matthew, correct me if I’m wrong, but I’ve got the sinking suspicion from the books I’ve read that Kaballah is more or less a made-up religion, in the spirit of Kwanza.  I understand it’s supposed to be somehow related to Jewish mysticism, but from what I’ve heard of Jewish mysticism and Kaballah, the two have very little to do with one another.

At any rate, it’s got to be odd when the woman you’re going to marry has kids around your age.  Not that I would kick Demi Moore out of bed in the morning, I’m just sayin’, is all.

Bob Dylan rocks harder than Judas Priest!
In other religious news, even though no one is, to date, able to understand Bob Dylan’s lyrics, his fans still feel betrayed by recent developments in his artistic style:

In a hilariously telling moment in No Direction Home, a British audience is booing Bob Dylan’s new reliance on electric guitars and drums instead of the traditional folkie acoustic instruments. ”Judas!” screams one outraged ex-fan. A sneering Dylan turns to his band and demands: “Play it bleeping loud!”

Ha ha.. maybe some of those hard core hippies will finally develop a sense of humor, and admit that Dylan lyrics are unintelligible, now that the mighty have indeed fallen.  Of course, the old axiom goes, he’s a great songwriter, just a horrible singer.  Now that he’s losing support, is either true?

Energy and Tragedy at the Gulf Coast
I’ve actually avoided this topic because I don’t want to be an obnoxious know-it-all, but I think that we can all learn at this point not to rely on anything the MSM says ever again, especially with regards to natural disaster and energy concerns.  It’s unfortunate, because there are some real oil concerns happenning world-wide, and our international note-takers on that is usually the MSM.  Unfortunately, they’ve blown all credibility lately with their obnoxious sky-is-falling nonsense.

Fortunately for us, there is a man willing to research primary sources and not rely on MSM for his information.  That man is Joel Finkelstein.  He’s putting together a new blog called AltEn (for Alternative Energy… get it?)  It’s going to contain information, primary sources, and interviews to give all of us a more accurate picture of what this whole Peak Oil thing is about.

Look for the URL and more details around here in the near future.  Until then, Deuce!


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