Wow, I’m dragging butt today – so so so friggin’ tired.  I did indeed make it to the Serenity pre-screening two nights ago. I’ll post a bit of a review below.  I also figured out why my traffic has been kicking so much butt lately – I’ve been linked three times in the last couple weeks by the National Ledger, here, here, and here.  Also, I did indeed level up again with my kobold character on IRP, for those of you who are keeping track.

Finally, the Blip migration is going swimmingly as I’ve freed up nine gigabytes of storage on the old server, so that podcasts, radio shows, and database synchronisations should be running with a greater degree of reliability now.  I’m still going to say that I’m going to hold off on the email tech support responses for another day because there will be problems in this migration, I just haven’t hit them yet.  When I do, you’ll know, because I’ll be bellyaching loudly to all within earshot.

Naked Podcaster: Soccergirl comes to Rant
SoccergirlI usually don’t write about podcasters who aren’t on Blip, because I tend to believe in promoting from within, but hey man, it’s Soccergirl.  At any rate, Smokehouse, proving once again he’s the most powerful man in internet radio, got Soccergirl to come be a radio show host over there at RantRadio.  The next move is to bring her over to Blip.  One step at a time, I suppose.

I must confess, I don’t really listen to her show, so I’m not sure how entertaining it is, although I do know it’s really popular.  It may have to do with the fact she is a naked podcaster, and a hot one at that, or (as I will find out this week), she may indeed be entertaining to boot!

Her show is scheduled for Tuesdays at 5 PM Pacific/8PM Eastern, 30 minutes, Pre-recorded. Hopefully to start on October 4.

America’s Most Wanted: Tom Delay
TomdelayindictedTom DeLay got indicted.  For once, I’m not going to get all wordy on the political topic today, mostly because I don’t think the topic warrants more than a brief mention.  The man is innocent, all you have to do is read the indictment to find out they’ve got nothing.  I do find it interesting that the so called “fair and balanced” news outlet New York Times is running GoogleAds on this particular story (versus the thousands of other stories that come out on a daily basis) to advertise their paper.  I mean it’s not like I’m real surprised or anything, I just find it slightly humorous they’ve just given up the fight on appearing balanced and have just gone over to being a left-wing-rag and proud of it.

Serenity: One Beer
SER_SqLotBoardOn the copywritten beer scale of movie ratings (pioneered by Darrell and I) where the less beers, the higher quality the movie, I give Serenity one beer. 

I went in expecting at least some representation from the movie people (usually, at these premieres, they have some big guns from the studio there to talk or promote the movie), but at this one, all they had was one of the local SouFla radio stations to give away stupid tshirts and ask inane trivia questions (“I’ll take information I’ll never use for $100, Alex.”, “What are two games they play on Y100’s morning show?”).  After the corporate Clearchannel whoring was finished, there was a couple a few rows down from me that hijacked the microphone and proposed to his girlfriend (“Last month, in bed, you asked for a ring, and I pretended I was asleep.  Here’s a ring.”).

Shortly following the bad intro by the studio rep, the bad proposal, and the bad trivia questions by the talent from the local bad radio station, there began a good trailer for the worst movie idea in all of history: Doom, the movie.  Yes, Doom, like the first person shooter without a storyline that pioneered first person shooters.  Much of the movie looks like it was filmed in first person shooter mode, too.  I can’t imagine the movie being any good whatsoever, but I also can’t imagine myself missing that flick, mostly because it’s frickin’ Doom, man!

Then began the movie.  They took a page out of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy with the long 15 minute intro before any credits and intro music showed up.  The first thing I noticed was the quality of the music itself.  It really was dynamic and mood setting – something that’s sorely lacking from a lot of movies lately, most of whom seem to be content slapping together montages and medleys of whatever Rick Dees-nuts is playing at the time.

The flick itself reminded me a lot of Farscape – intelligent dialog with well thought out sub-plots.  This isn’t your typical hackneyed Star Trek script here.  It definately fit the genre of Space Drama/Space Western that has been developing over the years.  It also had overtones of political commentary in a manner so sublime, you couldn’t be offended no matter your party affiliation (although if it poked at anyones, it would be the ultra-politically-correct liberal crowd).

It is noteworthy to say that Joss and the scriptwriters avoid the snarky, tongue-in-cheek dialog in this flick that has made Joss a household name (although not avoiding sarcasm and well-placed-humor altogether). There were, also, shades of Clockwork Orange in the movie in some of the original vernacular that was written into the script (ostensibly to account for the evolution of language in the future – i.e. “I haven’t seen any action betwixt me nether-regions in nigh on a year,” from a character that talked relatively normally throughout the rest of the film).

All in all, the movie was more than palatable, it was entertaining.  It’s not going to win any Oscars, most likely, and it’s not going on my top five movies of all time.  On the other hand, especially given the low bar movies have set the last year or two, this one would definately make my top ten for the year, mostly because it avoids cliche and satisfies me in the same way your typical Joss Whedon project would satisfy.


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