There isn’t a whole lot tripping across my email box this week that’s interesting enough to talk about, and a cursory glance of shows the keyword “Sinbad Vs. The Mermaids” clocking in at the fifth most searched keyword.  I could believe that if indeed there were more than one single post in Technorati’s database that contained those keywords.  Something’s messed up there.  On several levels.

I mean I could talk about some of the wacky posts on Craigslist recently, but really, everyone’s doing that now, and it would just be too “following the trend” for me right now.

Maybe I’m just in one of those blah blah moods.  Yes, I’m certain that’s what it is. (admitting you have a problem is the first step to overcoming it).

As to my vacation plans, I took a closer look, and it appears that I’m taking a five day vacation starting next Monday.  I’m sailing out of Miami on Monday, then we port in Nassau, Coco Cay, then Key West, then back to Miami on Friday.  It’s a short jaunt, but it’ll be fun and a nice change of pace.  My Dad’s coming along, which will be interesting.  I haven’t been on a vacation with him since I was in middle school.  It’ll be different this time since we won’t be driving 2000 miles, and I won’t be fidgiting in the back seat, and he won’t have the ability to turn the boat around and go back home if I don’t start acting right.  Muahaha.

I’m going to have some guest bloggers taking up the slack next week here around, so everyone be nice to them (RICer’s – check your email for details).

Because there’s absolutely nothing else going on in the world worth talking about, I’m going to put together the top ten list of reasons why Harriet Miers is a good pick for SCOTUS, largely gleaned from IMAO.

10. She seems to have excellent posture.
09. She’s an evangelical Christian Sunday School teacher.
08. She wasn’t singlehandedly responsible for the decline of reptiles and the rise of mammals (although she was on the committee). 
07.  She can eat just one Lays potato chip.
06. If her pick is cronyism, then it further proves that Bush has a wide variety of cronies in the areas of gender and race.
05. She’s not Ginsberg.
04. Harriet” sounds like “Harrier Jet,” and Harrier jets are cool.
03. She’s from Texas!
02. She has no judicial experience, which means Democrats can’t give her an anal probe over her previous rulings. 

… and the the number one reason Harriet Miers is a good pick for SCOTUS:
01.  When he takes off that mask and reveals to the senate that by confirming mediocre lawyer Harriet Miers, they have actually unwwittingly just confirmed Justice Robert Bork, conservatives will have sweet, sweet revenge. 

Seriously.  This is the best I can do today.  There is absolutely NOTHING else going on worth talking about.  At ALL.  You can go play MMORPGs or surf pr0n or something with the peace of mind that you’ll not miss any important newsworthy events today.


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