Well, guys, this is my last post until I get back from the Bahamas.  Next week is guest week… we’re going to have a host of great bloggers to come in and fill your week with Rizzny goodness.  All Blip tech support requests will be redirected to storage and handled upon my return.

Guest Bloggers
Monday – Jon Thomas Wilson aka thelinesbegintoblur
Tuesday – Matthew Finkelstein aka matthewtheunhumbled
Wednesday – Art Lindsey III aka smokehouse
Thursday – Darrell Thomas aka ndmovies
Friday – RICR

Make your guest bloggers feel welcome.  Tip your waitstaff, they work hard for you, etc, etc.

Sprint Nextel sues providers in patent spat
Sprint Nextel is suing VoIP providers Vonage Holdings and Voiceglo Holdings, accusing the firms of infringing on seven VoIP technology-related patents. The suit, filed in federal court in Kansas by a Sprint Nextel subsidiary, seeks an injunction that would bar the defendants from using the communication company’s patented technologies. The suit also seeks unspecified monetary damages.

Sprint Nextel claims its patents protect a series of innovations that allow the processing and delivery of voice and data communications via packets over the Internet. The company says that these methods also encompass VoIP. The suit, however, doesn’t explain how the companies are violating the patents.

Michael Rupert Ruminations
I think I’ve figured out my problem with Michael Rupert.  I’ve really been trying to like the guy, find some common ground with him, see if there’s slivers of anything I can grab onto in his writings.  The more and more I read, the less and less I feel that dream will ever become a reality.  The guy has a whole worldview that’s miles apart from where I could ever see myself.  He’s horribly entrenched in an idea of apocalyptic nightmare (not in the TFTA amusing sort of way), and miles away from being able to admit the problem.  Every article I read for the last two months is either MSM tripe or an article by him that paints a picture based off of MSM tripe of what his fantasy apocalyptic world will be like.

I don’t buy it.  He’s not providing hard data.  He’s not convincing me.  The hard data he does provide is likely as not to be fallacious.  When it’s not fallacious, he’s as likely as not to draw a conclusion that doesn’t logically follow.

Joel sent me his most recent article, and I was re-reading it on the way to the bank and the landlord today, looking for a shred of anything I could exposit upon positively, and suddenly I read the sentence I must have skimmed over fifty times before.

In my earlier presentation and throughout the day today, it should be growing clear to you that official preparations for Peak Oil have been underway for some time.  And – as I document in “Rubicon” – they include the attacks of September 11th, 2001 and all US government foreign policy initiatives since then.

There you have it. I’m sorry – and I know I’m going to offend at least three people in the RIC with this one – if you entertain fleeting notions anymore that September 11th was a government conspiracy, and not a bunch of jackasses from the Middle East playing God, then you aren’t playing with a full deck.  Popular Science a year ago devoted a special 60 page edition issue of their magazine to debunking every myth about that.  It’s now considered common knowlege that there was no government conspiracy to blow up the twin towers.

This sentence was in the introduction to his paper. His premise is predicated on a myth.  I simply can’t take anything this man says seriously.  If anyone wants to use Michael Rupert to convince me of anything at this point, they’re going to have to work real hard at it.

Some Predictions of the News
Since I won’t be here to report the news, I’m going to take some guesses, and we’ll see if I fare better than the National Enquirer.  Any takers on this bet?

Liz Taylor Dies Alone, Leaves Everything to her Cat – every entertainment pundit this week has moved Liz to the top of their deadpool.  I’m taking that bet and raising – I’m gonna say she dies this week. Additionally, the cat will immediately die from perfume overdose.
House and Senate Hand Out Corporate Welfare to Oil Refineries – all this talk of Peak Oil, hurricanes, and damaged rigs (oh my!) this week will be the final push that Congress needs to draft some legislation giving the oil industry some odd billion dollars of handouts.
Rove Testifies for Grand Jury
Whitehouse Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove is going to testify on a grand jury, and roll over on a senior or mid level administration staffer.  There’s no way the man would walk in there knowing he’s going to get charged.  The only way he’s going in there is if someone else takes the hatchet.  In the head.
Following Apple’s Video iPod Debut, Adam Curry “invents” Vodcasting
Despite the fact that Vodcasting has been a term in use for years now, Adam Curry will claim to invent Vodcasting on his sattellite radio show, “the Podshow.”  He’ll also continue being a jerk, and he won’t mention BlipMedia one time.
Tropical Force Disturbance Xanadu will Hammer Key Biscayne
Since the hurricane season is dying down, and there’s no hurricanes, tropical storms, tropical depressions, or what they’ve now taken to calling ‘tropical waves’ to report on, The Weather Channel will invent a new classification called “Tropical Force Disturbance” to indicate when the tropics “…think about getting nasty.”  NOAA Hurricane Center Director Max Mayfield adds: “In my pants.”
Kidnapping in Aruba Remains Unsolved
By Greta Van Susteren, anyways.  Everyone else in the world is pretty sure Natalie Holloway is dead.

These are fun.  I could do these all day long, but no! It’s time for the …
There were two main topics that dominated the RIC list this week: Who’s going to do the guest columns, and the QCF debacle.  I encourage you, if you are in any way interested or have listened to, or know the culture of internet radio or rantradio, to go read that forum thread.  I laughed non-stop for a good thirty minutes.  It’s just comical.  It’s sad to see a good show go, but when you break the rules, you get in trouble.  I know that better than anyone.

In other news, Darrell released Haunted Road, a short film.  For every shoe in the road, there’s a story.  Go see this one, it’s pretty neat. Elsewhere, Smokehouse posted a few times, a few of them about the QCF thing, as well as a short post about nappy stripper teeth.

Kelly went on vacation and Jon celebrated a birthday.  It’s too late to look smart, but you can still look friendly – go wish him a happy belated. He also firmly believed that Serenity was better than Star Wars. Meanwhile, my buddy Rob experienced an eclipse followed by extreme wetness out in Africa, all the while finding time to change his site design.  Again.

Lastly, but not leastly, MC Chris posted his new tour dates.  See him, then go see him again!

I’m out guys – See you in a week.


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