Hey guys.  Didn’t intend to do an update today, but I’m getting ready for my trip, cleaning my apartment, and I’m listening to music.  Green Day’s Basket Case comes up on the playlist, followed by a remixed version of Canon in D.  Bizzarre enough, I was struck with inspiration, and I took a break from what I was doing to work on the masterpiece I present to you now: Basket Case (Kool Kannon Remix). (click the link to download).

Yes, yes – retarded I know.  In the spirit of Yet Another Generic Christmas Carol.  But fun, none the less.

Oh, by the way, one of the agencies I report to when I submit video to MSM told me to be on the look out for Johnnie Depp in the Bahamas.  Maybe I’ll snake an interview, or at least a couple paparazzi pictures.


Music on the Turntables Currently: Yo La TengoCherry Chapstick

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