Apple unveiled some wonderful new products yesterday. I wish I could tell you what they were, but I can’t because while I was watching the Apple special event, I was too focused on Steve Jobs’ pants. They were cool pants. Dare I say the pants were the coolest product at the special event.

Why am I so focused on these pants? Steve normally wears jeans. The leggings he was wearing yesterday weren’t jeans. At times they seemed to change from a black to brown color. They sorta resembled Dickies cargo pants. Anyway, the left side of these pants definately had a cargo pocket, and on either side of the waist, below the belt loops, there were metal, d-shaped rings, kinda like those found on Hot Topic goth chick pants. These were really cool pants for a business casual style.

As I grow older, I find myself moving more and more towards that business casual look and I really want a pair of pants like Steve’s for it. Sometimes though, I back step to my The-Dude-is-a-real-life-person style. So, Steve’s pants and a fuzzy bath robe to match and I think I’ll finally have the business casual bum look I’ve always wanted and will never have to choose between the two ever again.