I’m back y’all (an I’m back y’all, and I’m bickety-bickety back y’all). Tanned, rested, and ready to get back to work, after I relax this weekend of course. I’m not going to spend a lot of time writing right now. I’ll just buzz through my predictions, post a couple top stories from my inbox, and we’ll do the RICR tomorrow. I’ve got 280 emails to sort through, yo (not including spam).

Pictures and video coming this weekend. Stay tuned.

Also, tousen tuck to Darrell, Smokehouse, Matthew and Jon for their contributions this week.

My Predictions On The News – 3.5 out of 6.
Liz Taylor Dies – She held on another week. Still has congenitive heart failure, though.
House and Senate Hand Out Corporate Welfare – It took less than a week. On Thursday, congressional Republicans began a rush Wednesday to ease environmental rules on refineries and looked for ways to open new coastal waters to oil and gas development.
Rove Testifies Before Grand Jury – White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove today made his fourth appearance before the U.S. grand jury probing whether Bush administration officials disclosed the identity of an undercover CIA operative to reporters. We’ll hafta wait until Oct 28th rolls around to determine whether my indictment prediction comes true: The grand jury’s term ends Oct. 28.
Adam Curry invents Vodcasting – Alright, I wasn’t far off on this one. Adam Curry was quoted on Investors.com, making tons of predictions of what the uses of video iPods will be used for, and instead of coining a new term, rolling all these applications into podcasting. He didn’t mention Blip one time.
Kidnapping in Aruba Remains Unsolved – yeah, they still haven’t found her.
Tropical Force Disturbance Xanadu Makes Landfall – The NOAA hasn’t started naming breezes yet, but I haven’t seen the Weather Channel this week, so someone will have to fill me in.

Microsoft, Yahoo ready IM interoperability
Microsoft and Yahoo have agreed to link their free instant messaging services in a move that allows the companies to jointly take on both market leader AOL and newcomer Google. The link-up is also expected to give users of both systems the ability to intercommunicate via VoIP, a move fraught with powerful ramifications for the traditional telecom industry.

For now, the two companies say their partnership will focus on text IM, with interoperability expected to be in place by June 2006. While the companies eventually hope to be able to let users make computer-to-computer phone calls, no timetable has been set for deployment. When voice interoperability does happen, it could set the stage for a VoIP battle royale between Microsoft-Yahoo and Skype Technologies, which is in the process of being acquired by eBay.

Russia’s New Rasputin
Grigory Grabovoi claims to be the second advent of Christ, and a psychic who can bring people back from the dead. And he’s running for the Presidency of Russian in 2008.

Last month he paid for a group of mothers who lost children in the Beslan massacre to visit him in Moscow, where he apparently told them he could resurrect the kids, on 17th October.

Some people obviously believe in his powers. It has been reported that Grabovoi is employed by the government to use his extra-sensory skills to ensure the Presidential plane stays safe on trips.


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