Hey guys.  A few things to talk about here.  I’m taking it easy this weekend, recovering from vacation.  Yes, I said recovering.  For reasons I’ll explain later, my face has been burnt to a crisp.  All in all, though, the vacation was a blast – I’ll get into that in a second. 

The Band is Back Together
As a few of you have heard, we’re getting the band back together.  Yes, that’s right, it’s the return of the MADshow/Out In Right Field.  Everyone has been itching to do another podcast/radio show, including me, so Smokehouse, Darrell and I have been doing some planning sessions on what we want the new show to be.  The trick is going to create a format that’s going to work for all of us – it’ll be somewhat politics based, and I’m pressing everyone for a thirty minute daily format, with pre-recorded bits and rants mixed in.  That’s pretty much all I can say about it at the moment, although if you want to be in on the planning sessions, you should join the RIC mailing list here.  We’ll eventually move the discussion to it’s own list, but this is where it’ll all start.

When They Roll Up the Streets in Toledo Ohio
I woke up this morning to the sounds of violence in Toledo, Ohio coming from my TV.  I tend to leave my TV on the cartoon channels on the weekend, but for some reason I fell asleep watching one of the news networks, and so I wound up being serenaded this morning by the police chiefs of Toledo instead of Scooby Doo re-runs.

In another example of how piss-poor American MSM is, I had to go to the BBC website to find out that these ‘race-riots’ were actually not race-riots, but gang warfare (in Toledo Ohio? Who knew!?).  There were only 20 non-violent Nazi’s protesting (as opposed to 500 violent ‘anti-Nazi protestors’), and the Nazis were dispersed before the violence even began.  I’m not going to make some racist comments here about how it’s those darn blacks acting up again, I’m just saying how is it that the Main Stream Media has this aversion to reporting facts?

I know, Nazi’s are bad, mmkay.  But still, I think this is a good example of violence being somewhat glorified by the media, just because, y’know, well … who wants to defend skinhead Nazis?  Facts are facts.  Report them, regardless of how it makes the ratings or your public image go.

Apologies go out to the late John Denver for my abuse of his song title.

Hillary vs. Condi
I really don’t want to comment on this, but I feel I have a couple words to say on the topic of mild interest.  I think it’s patently absurd that the presidential race next term will be Hillary Clinton vs. Condileeza Rice, but the media is now fixated on these two running for president against each other.  The reason for this is most likely because of the hit series on whatever network it’s on where Geena Davis plays the POTUS.  I’ve been discounting the idea that Hillary could get the Democratic nomination, much less the highest office in the land on a couple of premises, but I’m being forced to reconsider due to the media attention.

To explain, one of the craziest conspiracy nuts I know (and have had the unfortunate experience of having to deal with him as a semi-crucial business affiliate the last couple years) once said (completely in a serious tone) that he had inside information that the powers that be have sat down and decided that Hillary is going to be president no matter what.  I tend to take the words of lone nuts like him, and whatever they predict, count on the opposite being true.  The sky doesn’t fall on command.  Conspiracies work by the numbers, and there’s just no percentage in any conspirators putting a woman in the nation’s pilot seat.

The other reason I can’t see Hillary taking the election is that Democrats are weak weak weak right now (despite a slight bounce in their numbers over the Rove/Delay/Frist scandals).  Hillary was the weak link in the Whitehouse PR chain for four years.  It’s a wonder she won a senate seat.  I honestly can’t see her winning votes for dog-catcher in all but the most liberal of precincts.

Unfortunately, though, because whomever the media fixates upon, that’s who ends up running for president.  If the media isn’t fixated on them, they get no votes (Perot ‘92 vs Perot ‘96, or Perot ‘92 vs Nader ‘02 for instances).  I’m just a bit saddened by this because damnit, if we’re going to elect a woman president, why can’t it be someone who isn’t a consummate liar, crook, and (dare I say it) unattractive?  I mean, crap, this is my criteria for a woman running for president – they must not maintain but one of those characteristics.  They can be a liar, but not a crook and ugly at the same time.  I’ll vote for an ugly woman candidate, but she better be a friggin’ saint.

I’m saying this for the children.  I mean we were all subjected to Susan B. Anthony dollars when my age group were young.  We were all, “Who’s this ugly chick?”  Do we want our first woman president to be talked about in this manner when history looks back at her? No!

So, um, let’s elect Uma for president or something. Yeah.  Hell, I’d settle for Geena, she’s still lookin’ pretty good.

My Vacation in the Bahamas, part I October 17th, 2005
I haven’t finished converting all my video yet, but I’ll go through the first bits of my vacation. Monday noonish, I hopped in the jalopy and drove down to the port of Miami, which was surprisingly easy to find (and not very trafficky getting there either).  I parked in a garage, walked directly across the street, and was all checked in within less than 15 minutes.  Interesting bit of trivia – you don’t need a passport if you’re traveling from America to the Bahamas.  A photo ID and your birth certificate will do just fine.

So I arrive on the boat, and as I enter the rotunda, there’s art all over the place, and I feel like I’m in the upscale section of a mall. I find my room without too much difficulty, down two decks, and in the front of the ship (it’s a ship, by the way.  they hate when you call it a boat).  It’s a small room with two seperate beds, probably a quarter the size of my efficiency.  Still, its ample room to move around, just not big enough to turn a cartwheel in. I’m not big on cartwheels, so I’m okay with it.

I wandered around the ship for a couple of hours waiting for my dad to board.  The ship had eleven main decks, and three more decks up in the tower.  As I found out the next night, it was in the top ten list of biggest ships of all time, accomidating around 2700 passengers and 800 crew. Another fun fact about the ship – there were about nine bars/lounges on board, about a third of them allowed smoking.

The first evening was pretty uneventful.  I got some good portside video of us leaving the Port of Miami, and some interesting birds eye video of South Beach.  They have this all day buffet thing that goes on from deck 10 to 12 on the front of the ship, from which my dad and I partook, and then went to bed.

I’m looking at the clock now, and it’s 4:50 in the morning on Sunday, so I’ll save the next day for tomorrow.




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